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HVAC Services

Have you ever thought that the air inside your home might be hurting you more than helping?  On those hot Los Angeles days, you turn up the air conditioning, and when it gets cold, you turn up the heat. Sure, it feels good or need HVAC Services

But take a moment to think: could your comfort be hurting your health? Let’s take a look and see.  Could Your Los Angeles best HVAC system Be Affecting Your Health

Hey, What’s That Smell?

First, let’s talk about something you may have noticed: when your HVAC system turns on, it smells funny. It may not just be your food getting back at you; it could mean that your HVAC repair services system needs some work.

Moist places are great for mold and mildew to grow, and your HVAC system could be their five-star hotel. Mold spores could be blowing right into your home, causing allergies or breathing problems. Those musty smells could be your first sign.

Cool Air, But at What Cost?

Let’s cover filters now. The people who work in residential HVAC services Los Angeles will tell you that changing the filters on a regular basis is like giving your HVAC a health shot. Dust mites, pollen, and cat dander don’t get caught when filters are clogged. They are given free access to your home and lungs instead. Filter types and change times are debated by many, but one thing is for sure: clean filters equal better air.

It’s Getting Hot in Here—Or Is It Too Cold?

Controlling the temperature inside can feel like playing God, but too much or too little heat can hurt your body.

Placing yourself in places that are too cold can make conditions like arthritis worse, and placing yourself in places that are too hot can dry out the air inside, irritating your lungs and skin.

Out with the Old, In with the… Old?

When was the last time you had your HVAC system assessed? 

Since it’s been so long, you probably can’t remember. It’s not just about avoiding system breakdowns that regular HVAC services Los Angeles are good for you.

Technicians can find problems early on that could affect your air quality, such as parts that aren’t working right or drafty vents.

Breakdowns Are a Pain

Have you ever had your air conditioner break down on the hottest day of the year?

This is a nightmare, right? 

Okay, so something more sneaky might be going on behind the bothersomeness of a sweaty night’s sleep.

An expert in HVAC repair Los Angeles can tell you that when systems break down, it’s not just the temperature that’s off. It could mean that your system isn’t getting rid of airborne pollutants as well as it used to, leaving you open to whatever is floating around.

Home, Sweet… Wait, Is That Mildew?

When’s the last time you peeked into your HVAC unit? Just because it’s out of sight doesn’t mean it should be out of mind.

A home AC repair Los Angeles expert would likely find a buildup of moisture from your AC, which, you guessed it, is a breeding ground for allergens. Remember, a clean machine is your dream team for clean air.

The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall

Now, for the big guns, commercial buildings.

Big spaces require big units, and a commercial AC repair Los Angeles service knows that these mammoth machines can harvest a dizzying array of dust and debris.

The larger space might mean more air to dilute pollutants, but it also means there’s more area for nasties to hide. If small residential units can impact your health, imagine what their commercial counterparts can do if not maintained properly.

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